Uruguay Ambulance Services

Ambulance service typically is not included in private health insurance plans in Uruguay.

Ambulance services are managed by outside companies.

Some Mutualistas (Uruguay private hospitals) will allow you to “add” these services to your health care plan. You can also purchase them directly from the carriers.

Many of these ambulance service providers also offer access to Urgent Care clinics in their premiums.

For simple medical needs, like colds, sore throats and ear infections, you can simply walk into one of the local clinics and receive treatment and a prescription if necessary.

The main providers of ambulance service in Uruguay are:

Boulevard Artigas 864, Montevideo

Emergencia Uno SEMM Emergencia Movil
Benito Blanco 708, Montevideo
Tel: 710 2481 Tel: 711 2121
21 de Setiembre 2474, Montevideo Jose Mazzini 2957, Montevideo
Tel: 711 0711 Tel: 487 3333
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