The Average-Sized Mosquito in Uruguay

January 12, 2010

Mosquitoes in Uruguay?  Yes, they are here and they are large. We’ve been dealing with mosquitoes for the last week and it never ceases to amaze us how big they are.

Brian was finally able to kill one without demolishing it so we could take a picture of it. The mosquito featured in the picture below isn’t an abnormally big mosquito, just your average run of the mill bloodsucker who was looking for some food.


At night, with it being warm, we leave the windows open to catch a breeze. With the baby on the way and Zoë, we decided to do something so we don’t get eaten at night… Two words, one product: Mosquito Net… it just makes sense.

Does anyone else use a mosquito net or have any other ways they keep the mosquitoes away?

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