Christmas Traditions in Uruguay

December 16, 2009

We found out recently that the traditional day to decorate your Christmas tree in Uruguay is December 8. We’re a little late for that, but we finally went out and got a Christmas tree today. We picked up a small, artificial one at Devoto – it’s the perfect size for our apartment.

In case you’re wondering, they don’t have “real” Christmas trees in Uruguay. They are all artificial, and apparently it’s also traditional to keep your tree for seven years before replacing it (much thanks to Esteban, one of our wonderful forum members who shares so much great information with us!).

All of our ornaments are in storage back in San Diego, so we also picked up some basic ornaments (at Devoto) and lights (at Disco). We also decided to make a popcorn garland with some microwave popcorn we picked up yesterday at Tienda Inglesa.

Here’s the final product:

You might be wondering why there aren’t any presents under the tree. Well, while Zoë was napping today I wrapped a couple of presents her Nana had sent her and put them under the tree. I was in the kitchen and Brian was out on the balcony when Zoë woke up. She made a beeline for the tree and had one of the presents open before we even knew she was up!

We walked into the living room and she proudly showed us her new clothes:

Then she tried to put the clothes on, even though she still needs to grow into them:

So, we won’t be keeping any presents under the tree this year (or probably for a couple years to come ☺).

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